Bus Junkies & Renogy E.FLEX5 Waterproof Solar Panel Collab Giveaway

Up For Grabs Is One 5 Watt Waterproof Solar Panel. The E.FLEX5!

This is a new and improved E.FLEX, it's thinner, smarter, and redesigned. Take 5W of power with you anywhere.

***NO PURCHASE NECESSARY*** Follow these easy steps below to enter! Takes less than 5 minutes.

We'll pick one winner this coming Monday.

E.FLEX5! Solar Panel



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Use code busjunkies15 to save $15 off your new solar panels here: Renogy.com

39 replies
  1. Zachary Clement
    Zachary Clement says:

    I would like Reno gym camping kit, and would keep it in my van for when my wife and I are vannin off the grid.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    I'd like that 100 watt kit… Do you know if you also have to buy that expensive charge controller to go with it?

  3. Amy moyers
    Amy moyers says:

    The Phoenix generator is bad ass! We camp MILES away from civilization with zero power or cell service (or running water, but let's not go THERE…..) It's the size of a briefcase! Portable and easy to pack! Genius!

  4. Amanda Knowles
    Amanda Knowles says:

    I really need to save my pennies and get a complete set up for the Wayward Turtle Bus. I need the Lycan Powerbox, but not sure yet how much I can afford to put into that large of a power source. It sure would be nice for the festivals with no RV spots with hookups. The VW bus needs this.

  5. Erin
    Erin says:

    Renogy 14W E-Flex Solar Power Panel with Dual USB Ports
    I like the flexibility and portability it offers with dual USB port outletsand I could use this for personal and business use, while stationary, on the go, on wheels and anywhere….so long as the sun is shining!!

  6. Zachary Heart
    Zachary Heart says:

    I would like the Renogy E-GO 10000mAh Portable Battery Charger. It would go great with the solar panel.

  7. Cheryl Jackson
    Cheryl Jackson says:

    I like all the gadgets from the camping section but I'd love to grab a renogy-e-go-10000mah-portable-battery-charger 🙂

  8. Tim
    Tim says:

    CAMPING RENOGY E.FLEX5 PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL WITH USB PORT would be my choice, I could use it for my phone or mini iPad

  9. Phil
    Phil says:

    The Renogy E.FLEX5 is very nice and flexible to take with on camping trips.
    Its perfect for reloading my camera system to always be sure to can take fantastic photos in the wild 😉

  10. Wes
    Wes says:

    100W solar starter kit looks perfect. Lots of camping in our baywindow bus at campgrounds with no hookups, especially in Outer Banks NC.

  11. Pedro Agostinho
    Pedro Agostinho says:

    I really liked the Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase w/o Controller.
    I would use it in my long camping trips, because we always need that extra power.

  12. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    The Phoenix Generator would be perfect, because I could take it from 1 VW to another. I've been thinking about adding a 100 watt panel to the roof rack for powering my ARB Fridge/Freezer.

  13. John Haible
    John Haible says:

    The Renology Starter Solar Kit would be ideal for the Westy. Camp off the grid but still lave the convenience of electricity, free from the sun!

  14. Nick Guevara
    Nick Guevara says:

    Besides the solar panel I'd want the camping pot and stove set. Perfect for camping trips and at an affordable price!

  15. Catherine Fanzone
    Catherine Fanzone says:

    The E.FLEX5 solar charger is Awesome! Its perfect for charging on the go! Nice and small, easy to carry and pack.

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