Luxury 17″ Rosewood Steering Wheel Install

Bolt On Good Looks and Class from Our Sponsors at Just Kampers

Fitted to our 69′ Westy and 71′ Bay Adventurewagen

We love our classic VW Buses but when it comes to interior styling it is a bare bones affair. Looking to satisfy our desire for a more luxurious interior feel we turned again to the good folks over at Just Kampers. They feature several options including deluxe oak and mahogany wheels but we really loved the look of the Rosewood wheel best. A steering wheel boss and horn push button are also required to adapt to the steering column and finish the look of the new setup. We have to admit, when the package came and we opened the box we were over the moon! These things looked great  felt great, and oozed tons of style.  Once you lay hands on one of these luxury 17 in. rosewood steering wheel from  Just Kampers you'll be smitten! These are an outstanding combination of quality, retro styling, and a hard to beat sporting feel.

Once we stopped gushing about how awesome they looked we settled into the task of getting the old steering wheels off! It was no small feat! Removing the horn button was easy. A small tipped flat screwdriver or fingernail simply pries it out of the center and exposed the steering nut and horn ring. Be gentle the buttons are a bit brittle and even though we are swapping out to a new wheel saving the old parts is always a nice idea. Work your way around the button until it releases. Remove the horn ring and set aside. Next, remove the turn signal assembly screws form the column but leave all wires in place.

Now for the fun part. To remove the steering nut you'll need a 24mm socket. Don't try to use a crescent wrench or you will strip the sides of the nut. A large 1/2″ breaker bar works best with the 24mm socket and you'll need to tighten the nut to 36 ft.lbs.when you reinstall the steering wheel. The hardest part is pulling the wheel once you have the nut off. It is pressed onto the column splines and generally requires some decent force to remove. Because the factory wheel has a rounded shape to the part that goes onto the shaft it is hard to get any puller to grip onto the wheel. Some models may be easier than other but our 71′ required a custom series of large washers to be used at the base of the wheel in conjunction with the puller we had to get the wheel to finally disengage. It was a relief when it finally popped off the splines! Definitely some moments of frustration and doubt but ingenuity persevered!

Now, before you lift off the wheel, take note of the location and orientation of the steering wheel to remember the location of the wheel relative to the column. Attach the wheel boss using the steering nut and begin putting the nuts through the wheel onto the boss to secure the wheel to the beautiful new steering boss. Once all the nuts are tight you can hook up the horn button and insert it into the boss and wheel. The new horn secures with a hidden allen for a clean and gorgeous new look! Time to road test and enjoy the new luxury and feel of the wooden wheel in your hands. We love our Rosewood steering wheels from Just Kampers!

Parts Needed depending on year –  

JK PART NUMBER: J16698 Luxury Wood 17in. Rosewood Steering Wheel for VW T2 Bay 1967–1979

JK PART NUMBER: J16700 Billet Aluminium Wheel Boss with Horn Push  for VW T2 Late Bay 1974-1979

JK PART NUMBER: J16699 Billet Aluminium Wheel Boss with Horn Push for VW T2 Early Bay 1967–1974


Rosewood Steering Wheel Install

We love our classic VW Buses but when it comes to interior styling it is a bare bones affair. Looking to satisfy our desire for a more luxurious interior feel we turned again to the good folks over at Just Kampers.

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