sheltaPod – the most versatile and cool campervan awning ever!

Quick and easy to set up! This thing looks totally AWESOME!

sheltapod awning

It can even adapt to changing weather.  sheltaPod is being offered at a fantastic discounted offer on Indiegogo right now that's exclusive to our crowdfunding backers.

sheltapod camper awning

sheltaPod is a half dome tent combined with a sun canopy which attaches to the side of the vehicle. But unlike many other campervan awnings, there are no side panels to block the light or obscure your views. Bus Junkies Approved!

A separate waterproof front panel clips into the Pod entrance and provides secure storage when you don't want to use the inner tent. And there's a central zip for easy access. This is ideal for overnight storage or drive away.

sheltaPod is a stylish and versatile campervan awning that can adapt to the changing weather.  In case you don't have a bus, camper, or van sheltaPod can also be used as a Stand Alone Tent. Perfect as a fishing/angling/beach shelter.

Have you stopped using a campervan awning because you dread having to set it up and take it back down again? And does it take up too much space in your van?

Then you NEED a sheltaPod.

What's NOT to love about this amazing & innovative camper awning? It would make the perfect compliment to your entire camping experience. The only thing left to do is grab one today, and save $100 while you still can during the crowdfunding campaign. At only $265 USD + Shipping it is an absolute DEAL! We love helping small business entrepreneurs like Julie Ritson get her amazing product into the market. Will you help make this dream come true too?

sheltapod campervan awning