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For years camping and travelling outdoors has meant having to deal traditional tents, lean to's, RVs, and everything in between. With the rising popularity of Music Festivals and extended outdoor living and “Buslife” people have started using non-traditional yurts and hexayurt's as well as tiny homes. That's where the SHIFTPOD Festival Tents comes in.  The SHIFTPOD  Festival Tents are a lightweight shelter system that is designed for easy transportation and weather resistance in all kinds of environments and conditions. A note of caution needs to be applied here…a lot of people are going to ask about your Moon tent and whether or not you got it from NASA lol.

The SHIFTPOD can really be used anywhere. With multiple layers of welded UV reflective insulated fabric, waterproof zippers, sewn in screens, zip up window shades, heavy duty YKK zippers, these awesome PODS are ready for anything. Also the floor zips off too for easier cleaning! The quality is superb overall and the tent feels like it will hold up well for many years which is important with an investment like this. Weighing in at less than 65 pounds with a packed size that is airline compliant, the SHIFTPOD can be taken with you on trips all over the world.  Heavy travel bags with wheels are also available if you plan on travelling with it a lot.

Get outside, and live well doing it. SHIFTPOD!

A great amount of thought has gone into this tent design for serious use. The SHIFTPOD stuffs the best lessons learned from camping for 23 years into a fast set-up and fast take down tent that survives virtually any weather, wind, rain, dust or UV light nature can throw at it! For Burning Man and other hot festivals, the SHIFTPOD are designed to be used with two-tube air-conditioning units commonly available at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and many other online retailers.

The AC is pure luxury really and the hardcore camper will find that the SHIFTPOD have two 6 inch ventilation ports with filter pockets to help keep the dust and pollen out.  We found that in a normally shaded camp area this tent stayed cool. The round windows also zip out for better ventilation, cleaning, and replacement. The SHIFTPOD are built strong and and can be set up and taken down many many times in just minutes or left up and used as a small quest house. There is also plenty of room for our 6’2″ heights. Bus Junkies approved!

The feeling of having your feet on the ground and being connected to the Earth is hard to match when you are camping. Sometimes too much gear can take away from the moment. The SHIFTPOD make camp setup as easy as a pop up and since there are no loose poles or connectors to manage or lose it's almost a no-brainer. You can stand up in these tents no problem with room for additional guests day or night. Easily room for a queen size air mattress, and air conditioner or plus furniture or inflatable couches etc. Your camp will be a personal Shangri-La! The insulated reflective nylon fabric is easy to wash and blow out. The SHIFTPOD is a 4-season shelter that is water proof, dust-proof, and wind tested to 50MPH!  These SHIFTPOD Festival Tents are designed to make your space personal stylish, comfortable and with your feet on the ground!

The SHIFTPOD does not come cheap! Nor is it light enough for backpacking or lugging to far off the beaten path. The SHIFTPOD weighs in at a slightly cumbersome 64 pounds. Ideally this is a tent built for car camping or as a guest quarter in your backyard. Still, considering its size and unique and useful features, it would be a worthy living space in a many harsh environments almost year round. Not for the avid backpacker per say, the SHIFTPOD would make for an excellent base camp shelter, offer much less fuss than a yurt and require way less maintenance than an RV.

12 feet (4m) x 12 feet (4m) x 6.5 feet (200cm) tall at center

74″ x 12″ x 12″

57 Pounds

1x 300D PE Canvas Storage Bag
1x HEAVY 600D Zip-in Floor
6x of 12 inch Stainless Steel Stakes
1x Stake Puller
6x Quick-Zips Line Ratchets
2x Combo Locks
1x MOOP Bag for all of your trash and whatever else you can find!


Online: Shiftpod Tents

Facebook: ShiftPods

Instagram: @ShiftPod


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16 replies
  1. Pedro Agostinho
    Pedro Agostinho says:

    This Shiftpod it's awesome! You don't see nothing like this in Portugal!! This would be a great way to camp at a summer fest!

  2. Leslie Parkinson
    Leslie Parkinson says:

    I really think I need to buy this ! But 1st I am going to get some cool stickers

  3. Theresa Christie
    Theresa Christie says:

    Oh man….I know the next thing I'm saving up for! lol Impressive…….MOST impressive! Now i just need some awesome Junkies stickers for my VW and I'll be all set!!! 😉 (I've already done the circle “like and follow” thing on Instagram….angeleyes715)

    • Bus Junkies
      Bus Junkies says:

      Made specifically for emergency shelters from heat, Burning man, and open sun festival camping. It does reflect heat very well, and also has ports for an AC unit!!!!

  4. Theresa Christie
    Theresa Christie says:

    Still drooling over this tent…..I want one SO bad! lol I shared this on Twitter also! (@GetUrEcoOn).

  5. Savonnette
    Savonnette says:

    I bought the 2016 update and used it at Black Rock City this year (Burning Man). It's an awesome technology! With a swamp cooler I made myself, we were able to add a few more hours of sleep from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. After that, it was too hot, but it wasn't unbearable to stay inside like it was in a RV last year. It was easy to set up and take down. Although two people are better than one to do it. It was plenty spacious and sturdy. I'm so happy with this purchase. It's everything they advertised and then some. It was also easy to clean. We just hosed it down inside and out and let it dry. We applied some zipper grease and voila! Ready for next year!

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