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Biolite Camping Stoves

Biolite is on a Mission to Bring Energy Everywhere

Energy Is Essential

Energy sits at the center of our lives, keeping us safe, productive, and comfortable. Energy improves health, combats climate change, enables communication and education, generates income, and empowers women. Creating access for a growing world population has become one of the biggest opportunities of our time.

Nearly half the planet lacks clean, affordable household energy, cooking meals on smoky open fires and having little or no electricity in their homes.

BioLite has been busy developing some pretty cool breakthrough technologies so they can deliver them through a market-based approach to campers, adventurers and 3 rd world countries that desperately need help.

Here is a picture of the Biolite products that we've picked up. We totally love everyone of them and camping is that much more enjoyable too!

biolite camping products


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