Kombi Kabin – Add a Room Tent

KOMBI KABINS are made with water resistant, fire resistant nylon Ripstop fabric (70D 1.9 OZ.). Each KOMBI KABIN also includes three large mosquito netting windows and a large back door, so entrance is accessible from either inside or the rear of your VW Bus Kombi. Setup of your KOMBI KABIN takes less than 5 minutes and is small enough that it can be kept in your bus for use at any time! These things are pretty cool as an extra room or as a mess tent or storage area for your camp gear.



KOMBI KABINS come shipped in a convenient storage sack with everything you need for the tent except for the large plywood platform needed to form the floor. This item is too large to be shipped and should be built to match your bus type and setup anyhow. Our buses Susie and Lily each feature different interiors and required slightly different platforms. Susie has a full width bed and no side closet so we made her platform full hatch width and cut the length long enough to slide under the rear foam and behind the seat while still providing full KOMBI KABIN dimensions! We will list full dimensions and parts we acquired at the end of this post to clarify some things.

Platform is not included but easy to build with simple tools

Make your parts list and measurements for your particular bus or use the plans we have below to have with you when you source the parts at your local hardware store. You can make substitutions on chain and use cable rope or other material to your liking. Also note you will probably be able to have the store cut the plywood to size if you don't have a table saw at home and make your job easy at home as well. Once we cut the plywood to size we drilled a few holes for the eyelets to attach to in the outside corners of the plywood. We also attached a 1″x 3″ runner on the inside edge of the platform to act as a stop for when the platform is extended to setup the tent. Then we sanded and stained the plywood to the desired color. For us it was Bombay Mahogany.

Once everything is dry we fit the platform in under the bed to make sure of fitment. To set up the KOMBI KABIN you slide the platform out from under the bedding in the rear hatch and assemble the chains you have made to correct length together with the hatch hooks and carbiners we recommend for an easy setup. Once the platform is secured, drape the KOMBI KABIN over the door hatch and assemble it with the included straps and setup the magnetic closures integrated into the KOMBI KABIN for a snug fit to your vehicle. Presto! Extra room in minutes once you have materials from the hardware store and made a few cut and holes and done some hands on preparation.



Available at your local hardware store for around $40

4x – Carabiner
2x – 40″ inch chains
2x – Threaded hooks
2x – Threaded Couplers to connect hooks and Eye Bolts
2x – Short Threaded Eye Bolts to attach to hooks
2x -Longer Threaded Eye Bolts to secure at rear edge of platform
4x – Large Diameter Washers for the longer Eye Bolts
2x – Butterfly Nuts for connecting the longer Eye Bolts to the plywood
Wood stain if desired
Some sandpaper to soften the cut edges of the ply…NO splinters!
1x – 48″ x 48″ plywood 5/8″ cut to fit your setup – our cut for a full width style setup was  34″ x 47 7/8″ to fit into buses 48″ hatch opening
1x – 40″ piece of 1″x 3″ to use on inside edge of platform as a bump stop when slid out


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