• The Mystery Bus #2

Skinner Classics Mystery Bus #2 Unveiling

Unveiling of The Fast Times Bus!

We are good friends with Robert Skinner who owns and operates Skinner Classics up in Vacaville, Ca. So when we got word that he was going to do an unveiling of Mystery Bus #2, we were NOT going to miss it! The last one was a super are Kiddie land fire truck, and we believe there was only a handful ever made. Skinner did not let us down this time either…read on.

First things first, we decided to hitch a ride with The Bus Trippers Jeremy Leonard, who also lives in Santa Cruz. More the merrier when road tripping in these vintage buses right? We got a ride up in Cassidy, and 1966′ split bus camper, one that has been up to the furthest reaches of Alaska and back…super cool!~

Skinner Classics Boneyard
1967 VW Microbus
Mystery Bus #2 Unveiling
VW Restoration Shop

Check Out The DJ Bus!

A 1964 Salesflap panel bus. Did we mention he collects these salesflaps…uh huh…super cool. This is the scene when you get to Skinners shop. Bus porn everywhere! Seriously, this place is packed full of vintage aircooled goodness, and Robert is  not only a bad ass split bus restorer, but he's one of the coolest dudes we've ever met!

There was a great turnout that day of Vintage VW’s

We had fun watching them all roll into Skinner's shop!

The Boneyard…Can You Say VW Heaven? Fun times to be had if you're into vintage metal like we are, and this is not even close to all the buses Robert owns. Wonder where all the others are hiding? Hehe

There was about 200 people there that day, as well as roughly 50 vintage VW's too! Robert catering food out of a hot dog bus, had 2 live bands ripping it up, and gave out raffle prizes to boot.

the boneyard at skinner classics

Rusty VW Split Bus

Under Rustoration

Over time all of these buses will be fixed up and restored. We think this is better than investing in stocks, and much more passion behind it. We love that Skinner has pursued his dream…Bus Junkies approved!

We built up the momentum on our Facebook page as time drew nearer and nearer. A first for us using the live video feature, and we're excited to see the potential of such a cool marketing tool on Facebook.

Mystery Bus #2

BUs Junkies Meet Fast Times At Ridgemont High!

We were only about 8-10 years old when this movie came out in 1982, and it was a trip to see and experience it now…who knew this would ever happen?

Bus Junkies Meet Fast Times At Ridgemont High

We would have never guessed that this bus was under that black canopy, hidden away down in the foothills of L.A. for the last 30 years. We got word that they tried to have Sean Penn do a guest appearance, but his agent said he wanted $75k for the day…WTF?

Robert had his son and a couple buddies re-enact the scene when they spilled out of the bus high as a kite! 😛

The to end such an awe day always goes by way too quickly when hanging with friends and buses, but at least we got to cruz home in style!

Cruzing With The Bus Trippers

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