Solo Stove Titan – The Ultimate Backpacking Stove

We recently partnered up with the good folks over at SoloStove who manufacture a well-designed piece of kit we had to try! When they sent us the Solo Stove Titan we decided to put the to the ultimate test for Bus campers…. making the morning coffee. The truly unique aspect of the Solo Stove Titan is that it literally uses only twigs and sticks (biomass) to boil, heat and cook almost anything you can fit in a pot. The double wall design allows oxygen enter the burn chamber through vents to boost the combustion of the fire. You quickly achieve optimal airflow from this design and it creates a very efficient burn with almost no smoke. We collected a solid amount of dry tinder, cleared out at flat area, and lit a fire in the Solo Stove Titan.

It took a first pass at lighting it to figure out the best way to get a fire going but once it catches it burns extremely efficiently and quickly. You have to keep adding tinder sporadically but it is very easy to sustain the clean fire that the Solo Stove Titan produces. We threw our pot of water on the fire set the timer. By our clock we got almost 40 oz. of water to boil in around 8 minutes. The Solo Stove Titan performed exceptional and as long as you have access to a decent amount of dry tinder and are capable of starting a fire, the Solo Stove Titan is perfectly able to be your one and only stove in almost any condition. It additionally is capable of using alcohol cans in a wet situation or as optional fuel. Pretty cool!! Plus our coffee came out great…on the beach at the surf spot 😀

Leave No Trace

The Solo Stove Titan is a simple, functional, and a natural biomass burning stove it burns any available fuel in the form of sticks and twigs while leaving almost no footprint. This stove is a no-brainer and with abundant wood availability, this is a must have backpacking stove. By containing a fire and collecting the heat output The Solo Stove, follows backpacking's leave-no-trace principles by leaving a very minimal amount of ash afterwards. Equally important is that this stove is not likely to lead to unintended consequences or fire related accident when used properly.  Preparing the fuel is maybe the most time-consuming aspect the Titan as all biomass fuel must be broken down into 1-3 inch sizes to fit the can. We suggest a good supply of prepared fuel before beginning a fire to keep it from going out or not being able to feed it once going.

With a double wall construction the air intake holes on the bottom of the stove channels air to the bottom of the fire while at the same time, channels warmer air up between the inner walls of the stove. With this technology the Solo Stove Titan doesn't just burn the wood,  it actually incinerates it! The Solo Stove Titan also features a heat shield which also acts as a windshield and still allow oxygen in.


  • Gather enough twigs and prepare them by breaking them into thumb length sizes. Dry twigs and tinder will always work better than wet biofuel.
  • Place your Solo Stove ™ (pat. pending) on level ground away from wind. If you have a windscreen, set it up to provide additional wind blockage.
  • For added safety, clear away any flammable ground debris within 5 ft. of the stove (twigs, leaves, grass, etc.)
  • Remove the nested cooking ring from inside the stove. This will make it easier to stack twigs inside the stove and prepare to light your fire.
  • Using dry twigs and tinder, light a fire inside the stove.
  • Place the cooking ring on top of the stove as soon as you have a sustainable flame.
  • Prepare your favorite backpacking meal, brew a hot drink or roast a marshmallow. Enjoy!

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Facebook: SoloStove

Instagram: @solostove


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  1. Roger
    Roger says:

    I recently just purchased and I don't know why I haven't gotten one along time ago best camping & backpacking stove period !

  2. Billy
    Billy says:

    The stove looks so much lighter than a camping stove. It's all you need to heat up soup or boil water.

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    I've been after something smaller for my works van as I work in fields a lot, compact light and basically looks good, nice price of kit

  4. Paul Schmelzer-Ziringer
    Paul Schmelzer-Ziringer says:

    I really like this stove because it's so small and probably fits perfect into my backpack. Defenitely my netx Purchase.

  5. Joseph Emery
    Joseph Emery says:

    I would love to own this stove. My fiance and I just traveled across the United States in our 1973 Super beetle and it would have been very useful.

  6. Comer
    Comer says:

    This could be just thing to avoid a cold meal while working in the field moles away from anywhere.

  7. Doug Stuper
    Doug Stuper says:

    This is now on my list of needed products. Love the idea of very little to no footprint left behind. Peace by one.

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