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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    Bus Junkies <3
    Great & friendly Facebook, I have only just followed on Instagram.
    Loads of cool goodies to be bought & won!

  2. Terry Siegle
    Terry Siegle says:

    I have a backpack and it is great size. I am really looking into tent. I seen a while back. And keep thinking about getting it.

  3. Rick Ziegler
    Rick Ziegler says:

    I absolutely love my basecamp down sleeping bag from Sea to Summit #16. I have had othrr brands for years and I have waisted a lot of money on cheap knockoffs.

    • Bus Junkies
      Bus Junkies says:

      We have the 100 watt starter kits, can't wait to install them. Renogy Solar – Use code busjunkies15 for $15 off your purchase at Renogy.com

  4. Shelly Johnson
    Shelly Johnson says:

    I am 44 and take a VW Lunch bag to work every day, makes me feel like a school girl. I got from Cool VW Stuff!

  5. Emelia Dernsjö
    Emelia Dernsjö says:

    I Love Evrything on your sight! We Are a couple of buslovers and we would Love 2 T-shirts. 🙂 but My favoriter product wich is on My lust for christmas gift is the busbecue. My husband would Love it!! 😍😍😍

  6. Sander
    Sander says:

    Want some stickers for my brother. He's got a vw t2 westfalia. From California. For me a vw t1 or t2 was to expensive, so i bought a vw bug 1970. But the dream is a vw t1/2.

  7. lily jansen
    lily jansen says:

    I have a Camper Deluxe Shoulder Bag-Peace & Love and i adore it 😀 i love my VW Campervans and one day i will own one :).
    I have entered the competition and I hope to win

  8. Trish Burns
    Trish Burns says:

    I just found the Solo Stove through your site. Where has this been all my life. Will be looking to buy as soon as I get the kids to bed! If they ever sleeeeeep.


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