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Greetings friends, beer lovers, homebrewers, adventure seekers, and Bus Junkies people from across the globe. We wanted to give you an update about the cool TrailKeg Growler System we have been testing in collaboration with the great dudes over at TrailKeg. They sure have been working hard to deliver this great product and we have the unique privilege of testing these awesome units! Not all beer comes in a can or bottle, plus beer is best right out of the tap. TrailKeg lets you take the tap anywhere you want.

Simply a brilliant little unit with a very well made regulator system at the heart of the compact design the TrailKeg Growler System is at first glance visually very appealing. With a double walled 64 Oz. flask , a machined metal lid and mini regulator with CO2 cartridge insert you will be begging for attention as people ask you about this little beast. It is sturdy and well made. This thing is made to throw in your pack, car, or boat with little chance of damage once the tap and regulator have been disconnected. We could not wait to fill this bad boy with some craft beers! Our first tap test was from one of our favorite local brew pubs here in Santa Cruz called Discretion Brewing. This is one of the finest brewing setups we have seen and well worth a visit as well as a taste of all the craft flavors using the TrailKeg Growler System!

The tap masters at Discretion we pretty enthusiastic about the TrailKeg Growler System and after a brief overview of the brew menu we settled on our all time Discretion favorite so far, Uncle Dave's Rye IPA. With the keg filled we left for more private confines to sample the beer and give the TrailKeg a warm Bus Junkies review 😀 We love the portability of the TrailKeg Growler System and having a non-glass growler was confidence inspiring. No chance of breakage and the beer was kept keg cold in transit due to the double wall flask. We attached the tap and regulator then after making sure the dial was in the closed position we inserted and a CO2 cartridge in the regulator and turned the dial to allow 5 PSI for the first beer. If you add too much pressure you might get a bit of foam. Not to worry, you can always use the pressure relief valve to equalize the PSI. Dial it up to 10 PSI after the first pour and you’re good to go. Don’t feel like killing half a gallon of beer in one sitting? No worries the CO2 pressurization will keep your beer fresh and carbonated for weeks.

Uncle Dave's was delicious and tasted amazing from the TrailKeg Growler System! the only drawback is the need for the CO2 cartridges and the fact that with a 64 OZ. growler you might run out of beer quick hehe. We figure  64 OZ. of beer is a little more than 5 pints. Make sure you bring two kegs if you have friends. We love the TailKeg's form factor so far and can't wait to sample some more local craft beers as well as some of our friends homebrews, Santa Cruz style. Keep cruzin and grab yourself one of these TrailKeg Growler Systems for your bold adventures in your Bus.

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The complete TrailKeg pressurized growler system including pints and CO2! Just add beer. This package is adventure ready and makes it possible to enjoy great beer in great places. #greatbeeringreatplaces

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    Finally, draft beer anywhere! Why didn't I think of this. Looks like a high quality product. If you are gonna drink fresh beer this is the way to do it. How long till xmas!

  2. Kristen Arick
    Kristen Arick says:

    We don't have a bus, yet. But we do have a Rockwood 32′ mobilhome and would love more information on this keg! Its what we are missing! Happy Fathers Day everyone!

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